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I have been giving drum lessons since 2010.

Learning should be both fun and serious, I focus my teaching upon the whole drum set, Technique, Sticking and Coordination patterns, playing with confidence, creative groove for songs, developing great time playing with click track, loops and sequences, drum set chart and interpretation, snare drum reading, the importance of learning different style of music,developing great work attitudes, and much more.... 


Lessons for

Beginner level 1  - Intermediate level 2 - Advanced level 3

Program :

- Drum set ergonomics : posture, balance and flow 
- Snare rudiments & Drum set rudiments 
- Learn how to be comfortable while playing a click track  

- How to read music and drum charts
- Playing with metronome 
- 4 limbs indipendence with different ostinato 
- Left handed welcome 

- From grade 1 to 8 Rockschool and Trinity 

Drum lessons via Skype Available
This is a great opportunity for drummers overseas  to get a one to one lesson. 
How does it work? 
Download the Skype software, available free at 
Set up a Paypal account, available for free at

Use your high-speed Internet connection (fiber optic, cable or DSL.

Add a webcam with a microphone to your computer (Some computers have a built-in camera and mic).

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